Michael Hay

Michael Hay London (originally Glasgow)

It’s hard to put into words what I have gained from the McGuire Programme. You could say that I can now say what I WANT to say instead of what I think I CAN say. You could say that I now answer the phone rather than pretending that I can’t hear it. You could say […]

Lee Misciali

Lee Misciali Kettering, Northants

From a young boy aged approximately 5, I developed a stutter, initially, there was no issue but as time progressed going to Senior school having to read & other speaking situations was a huge problem. Then leaving school to the working environment the added pressure was immense. I found every excuse not to make phone […]

Jon Henshaw

Jon Henshaw Cardiff, UK

I joined the Programme after a chance meeting with a colleague who’d heard good things about The McGuire Programme. I’d lived with my stammer for 38 or so years and had accepted it so far as I could, I had nothing to lose and as it was to turn out everything to gain. Since joining […]

John Dean

John Dean Peterlee

My life before the McGuire Programme was really hard. I wouldn’t put my hand up in lessons, I’d avoid talking in front of the whole class when doing presentations in front of the class and when I thought I’d ever have to do one I’d panic and ask other people to speak instead of me, […]

Jasbir Norris

Jasbir Norris London

I joined the McGuire Programme in August 2015. Before the course, I was a very overt stammerer – I would push through any tension that I felt when speaking, resulting in very obvious blocks and physical tricks in my attempt to get the words out. This was affecting all aspects of my life – with […]

James Tennant

James Tennant Leeds, UK

The McGuire Programme has enabled me to gain control over my speech I never thought I would achieve.  I’ve stammered severely since the age of 4, and previous therapies were never sustainable. I then found this programme in 2012, and everything began to change.  I no longer have to be afraid of speaking situations, and […]

James Jeffries

James Jeffries UK South - London

When I was 6 years old I began stuttering and failed to articulate and vocalize certain sounds properly which extended into tricks and filler words to connect my sentences. I stumbled my way through social situations and university because I was riddled with fear that every time I went to class, I would be asked […]

Hugh Jameson

Hugh Jameson Cambridge, UK

I remember being totally overwhelmed on the first day of my first course. I didn’t know what to expect. I had been told that this will help me, then again I had been told that speech therapy would help me, and it hadn’t, so I really wasn’t sure. My stammer whilst always being a part […]

Glenn Bills

Glenn Bills Mansfield, UK

Joining The McGuire Programme is, without doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The improvement in my speech in such a short space of time is quite frankly, unbelievable. I never thought I would have this level of control, or this level of confidence, which has allowed me to take on public […]

Faris Shoubber

Faris Shoubber London

I joined the McGuire Programme at the age of 22, shortly after completing my undergraduate degree. I have stuttered for as long as I can remember and, although it had bothered me and affected my speech to a great degree, I had generally avoided confronting it at all costs. I avoided words, sounds and situations; when […]