Scott Monson

Scott Monson Sydney, Australia

I joined the Programme in April 2007 at the age of 35. Having stuttered for my whole life, I had achieved little success with various intensive programs and other treatments over 30 years. Because of these past experiences, I started my first course with little expectation of a “magic cure” for my stutter – but […]

Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson Sydney, Australia

I joined the McGuire Programme back in 2004 at the age of 19 and can easily say it has been one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. I arrived at my first course feeling a large amount of scepticism about whether it would work for me but I knew there […]

Phil Jeffrey

Phil Jeffrey Sydney, Australia

I have been with the McGuire Programme since 1999 and became a course instructor in 2008 and Staff Trainer in 2010. Being on the Programme has given me the tools to tackle challenging speaking situations and achieve what I want in my career. I enjoy giving back to the Programme and helping new students overcome […]

Peter Baade

Peter Baade Brisbane, Australia

I struggled with stuttering from a young child. Oral presentations at school were the worst, along with those awful memories of spending a minute struggling to get a word out, then realising that my listener had no idea what I just said. After my first course of the Mcguire Program in 2000, I had an […]

Hayden Mischefski

Hayden Mischefski New Zealand

My name is Hayden Mischefski, and I’m from Wellington in New Zealand. I’ve been in the programme for about 12 years and since my first course, I’ve developed both personally and professionally. My first course was a “eureka” moment for me when suddenly the thought occurred to me that this programme works and is right for […]

Geoff Johnston

Geoff Johnston Australia

I’m the father of two children and “Pop” to three granddaughters. Living at Strathalbyn in Southern Australia and is involved in Toastmasters and several community service organisations. I was a chronic overt stutterer since the age of 2-3 years old and continued to suffer the consequences of out-of-control stuttering until I was about 55 despite […]

Delon Coutinho

I joined the McGuire Programme in October 2005 in Melbourne, Australia, after unsuccessful attempts with traditional speech therapy, counselling and hypnotherapy. My best friend saw something about the McGuire Programme on TV and suggested I try it out. Initially, I was sceptical, but made the necessary inquiries and attended my first course. That was the […]

Cindy Melksham

My name is Cindy Melksham. I am a course instructor for the Australian programme. I’d spent a lifetime trying to hide my stutter by mainly avoiding every speaking situation. I was exhausted by the constant anxiety associated with this. Although I have a psychology degree, I was still working in a retail position because I […]

Bruce Whitfield

My parents tell me that when I was 4yrs old I had several months of bad dreams, & when the dreams stopped the stuttering started; though I don’t remember anything about either. I do remember though about holding back & avoiding right from an early age. I have always had lots of good friends throughout […]

Brendan Hanlin

Blank Profile Photo Male

I started to stutter from the age of 5 and it has impacted negatively on my whole life until I joined the McGuire Programme in Melbourne in November 2007. After high school, I took a customer service job but I was constantly anxious and terrified that people would judge me because I was different. Then […]