Héctor Palomino

Héctor Palomino Chile

“I can not” “They’re going to think I’m stupid” “Why can’t you talk like someone normal?!” These kinds of feelings have accompanied me since I was a teenager, especially when I had to speak in public. Now, thanks to the McGuire Programme, I see every situation of my stuttering as an opportunity to keep improving […]

Erik Ruiz

Erik Ruiz Michoacán, México

And at the end of the day, after all, I resigned to survive… The anger and the pain were life partners to me for many, many years. I lost moments that now are just in my memory. Living quietly is the worst punishment to any human being; the dream of being free was just that, […]

Elier Herrera

Elier Herrera Saltillo, México

Mi tartamudez empezó desde que tengo memoria, debió ser aproximadamente entre los 3 a 5 años. Durante la primaria y secundaria parecía que no existía ya que mis compañeros de clase no la notaban. Todo cambió cuando entré a la preparatoria, cuando un compañero me dijo “El tartamudito de Elier”. Fue allí donde me di […]

Edgar Herrera

Edgar Herrera Saltillo, México

My stutter began when I was about 10 years old, now I’m 40. During those 30 years living with a stutter, I had countless moments where I felt shame, guilt and frustration for not being able to say what I wanted to say. The hardest part was junior high school and high school, when I […]

Dalma Alvarez

Dalma Alvarez Córdoba, Argentina

The stutter in my life was always my first excuse, the first answer and also my main secret. It’s something that identifies me genetically. In my biggest moments of despair, in those where my stutter actually chose what to say, how and when to speak, I remember when I went to sleep… I slept thinking […]

Cristóbal Pardo

Cristóbal Pardo Chile

As usual, we all remember our stages of childhood and adolescence with very marked moments. Happy moments, not so happy moments and also moments of pain. For people who stutter, these stages in our lives are marked even more, in that way, if each one of us mentally goes back to our beginnings and goes […]

Camilo Maturana

Camilo Maturana Chile

Starting a life story and telling it is not easy, there are falls, hits, some harder than others, starting with this and having to remember everything that was lived is quite difficult. But my stutter helped me realize early how hard life is, this one will try to leave you on your knees every time […]

Benjamín Castillo

I remember the first day of class in college. On the first day, we had to introduce ourselves in front of our professors and classmates. One week before I start to feel the anxiety, the pressure and the fear just by thinking that I would have to say my name. The night before I can’t […]

Alfredo González 

Fear. Permanent, unstoppable fear of any speaking situation. Having the nasty voice inside my head saying “you will stammer”, “you embarrass yourself”, “how stupid do you look”, “see everyone noticing and laughing because of your stutter”.. And so many other negative self-destroying thoughts. My stammer began when I was little, my native language is Spanish […]

Mariana García

Mariana García

!En 4 días, encontré la luz de una obscuridad de 14 años…! Miedo a leer en voz alta en el salón de clase, miedo a hacer amigos en la escuela, miedo a participar en clase, miedo a decir mi propio nombre para escribirlo en el ambase de un café… cambiandolo por Sofía o algún otro […]