Owen Westwood

Owen Westwood Melbourne, Australia

Hi there, my name is Owen and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Originally from Portsmouth, UK, I immigrated to Australia in 1995 with my parents. I joined the McGuire Programme in July 2013 at 22 years old after reaching a new low regarding my stutter. I was over it. Over feeling trapped, over the self-hate & […]

Muhammad Rafi

Muhammad Rafi Sydney, Australia

Being a stammer was a pain of daily life especially professional. Communication was always a hurdle in all the hard work that I do. The Mcguire programme has given me confidence and techniques to overcome this mammoth hurdle.

Lance Austin

Lance Austin is my name, and I have been with the McGuire Programme in Australia since my first intensive course in July 2002. After that, I felt absolutely invincible. But of course, as happens to many of us, I soon learned that to “keep my freedom, I had to work hard and persevere”. What was […]

Kristy Warden

Joining in 2013, the program challenged me in many different ways, raising my own expectations of myself to new heights. It has taught me the value of making goals and following them through to the end. It has also changed the people around me, like my friends and family, as they are now more aware […]

Julian Di Bez

Blank Profile Photo Male

My name is Julian Di Bez, from Adelaide, South Australia. I did my first McGuire course in 2000. Immediately it made a big difference to my life as I began to confidently seek out employment which gave me satisfaction and intellectual challenge that my work at that time lacked. Eventually, I found work assisting people […]

Jonathon Tary

Jonathon Tary Canberra, Australia

I have stuttered since the age of 5 and managed my stutter with traditional speech therapy for about 20 years before joining the McGuire Programme in November 2016. I joined the programme because as the convener of combined smooth speech and McGuire maintenance days in Canberra, Australia, I observed strong confidence and speech eloquence in […]

Hayden Mischefski

Hayden Mischefski New Zealand

My name is Hayden Mischefski, and I’m from Wellington in New Zealand. I’ve been in the programme for about 12 years and since my first course, I’ve developed both personally and professionally. My first course was a “eureka” moment for me when suddenly the thought occurred to me that this programme works and is right for […]

Geoff Johnston

Geoff Johnston Australia

I’m the father of two children and “Pop” to three granddaughters. Living at Strathalbyn in Southern Australia and is involved in Toastmasters and several community service organisations. I was a chronic overt stutterer since the age of 2-3 years old and continued to suffer the consequences of out-of-control stuttering until I was about 55 despite […]

Delon Coutinho

I joined the McGuire Programme in October 2005 in Melbourne, Australia, after unsuccessful attempts with traditional speech therapy, counselling and hypnotherapy. My best friend saw something about the McGuire Programme on TV and suggested I try it out. Initially, I was sceptical, but made the necessary inquiries and attended my first course. That was the […]

Cindy Melksham

My name is Cindy Melksham. I am a course instructor for the Australian programme. I’d spent a lifetime trying to hide my stutter by mainly avoiding every speaking situation. I was exhausted by the constant anxiety associated with this. Although I have a psychology degree, I was still working in a retail position because I […]