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Edgar Herrera Saltillo, México

You defeat giants fighting against them, you defeat them facing them again and again until they fall defeated and can’t rise up anymore.

My stutter began when I was about 10 years old, now I’m 40. During those 30 years living with a stutter, I had countless moments where I felt shame, guilt and frustration for not being able to say what I wanted to say. The hardest part was junior high school and high school, when I had to read or give a presentation in front of my classmates and stutter in front of them made me lose all confidence and self-esteem, I became an introverted and unhappy person.

Before the McGuire Programme, I never received professional help, only in junior high school a professor gave me some techniques such as speaking with a pencil in my mouth, reading in front of the mirror and similar things, but they didn’t have a lasting effect.

Living with a stutter before the McGuire Programme was the worst that could have happened to me, I was a person filled with fear, insecure, with a lot of frustrations and limitations, I had a feeling of guilt so big and hate against myself, I hated being the person I was, I hated being someone who stutters. Every morning when I woke up and opened my eyes the first thought in my head was that I was not going to be able to speak, I felt this huge oppression that lasted all day. I lived this way for weeks, months, years and decades without being able to change my situation.

I knew about the McGuire Programme through my younger brother, he’s also someone who stutters, he attended the course and when he came out, he called me on the phone, on that phone call he shared his experience on the course and invited me to get more information and join the programme, one thing that surprised me was listening to him speaking in total control and security, that was when I realized that the programme really worked, I quickly got more information and looked for the date and nearest city so I could attend to the programme and change my life forever.

My first course was on March 15th, 2017 in the city of Torreon, Coahuila in Mexico. Before attending the course, I had a great expectation that it would be helpful and that it would really work, since for 30 years I’ve been fighting against this great giant called stutter and I was never able to defeat it, through all my life with a stutter I was defeated thousands of times by my fears, so my expectations were placed on the effectiveness of the programme.

When I knew that the course of the McGuire Programme lasted 4 days and that in only 4 days you can take control of your stutter it was somewhat illusionist for me since I’ve been fighting for 30 years and I was always defeated by my stutter, but actually during those 4 intense days, one achieves to change one’s life forever.

On the course we’re given the necessary tools to take control of our stutter, likewise, the psychological area gets treated as well since the mind plays a really intense role in a stutter. During the course I could achieve doing the unimaginable, I could take control of my stutter, I learned to accept myself as I am, to love myself as a person who stutters and defeat my fear of speaking.

After the course, it’s like starting to live, now I see things in a different way, I see the stutter as my ally, I no longer see it as an enemy, I’ve lost the fear of speaking, I’ve lost the fear of sharing my situation with others, I’ve been able to be speaking in front of numerous groups of people sharing my testimony taking control of my speech, this is something that was impossible to do before the course.

The oppression when waking up is gone, I feel free of my fears, now that I know I can achieve what I set my mind to and no one can stop me, with the help of God I know I can achieve everything. I thank God that allowed me to find this great group of people who are part of the McGuire Programme and through the programme God has changed my life forever, likewise, I thank my family for all the support I’ve always received from each one of them.

When I came out of my first course, I made the commitment to not feel the fear, and even If I feel it, do everything that I’ve longed for years that I never did because of fear, I lived decades setting limits to myself and not doing what I wished doing because of fear of speaking and fail to try, I made the commitment to be a change agent who can help others face their fears in any situation of their life.

The challenging situations I face them doing what scares me, you defeat giants fighting against them, you defeat them facing them again and again until they fall defeated and can’t rise up anymore.

You defeat giants fighting against them, you defeat them facing them again and again until they fall defeated and can’t rise up anymore.

My recommendation to someone who suffers from a stutter is to join the McGuire Programme, it’s effective and 100% recommendable, it doesn’t matter how old you are, the programme works and as incredible as it may seem you can take control of your stutter and live a life in complete freedom and inner peace.

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Edgar Herrera Saltillo, México


Edgar Herrera


Latin America

First Course

March 2017

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