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A New Year . . . New successes!

The McGuire Programme, MENA Region, had a great start of the year 2020 where 10 new members joined the McGuire family. In addition, Staff Training was held where 7 members have decided to become coaches and give something back to the region and the program.

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Another course, another dreamer . . .

This was the 14th McGuire course in the MENA region and the 2nd to be conducted in the Arabic language. Building the foundation of the Arabic courses was a challenging yet enjoyable mission. Challenging because of the lack of Arabic coaches and enjoyable to see the new students absorbing the information with ease and the grads enjoying expressing their emotions in their first language.  

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The Greatest Achievement

The McGuire Programme MENA region has entered a new era in 2019. This year we focused on expanding our reach with the start of the Arabic courses. 

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