McGuire Programme Stutter Course Dusseldorf, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Jun 15
AT 19:00 PM -
Jun 18
AT 21:00 PM

Beyond Stuttering in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Hampton Inn Tropicana
4975 S. Dean Martin Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89118-1656 USA

Stutter/Stammer Course Details


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You must send your covid vaccination record and booster record OR a negative PCR result 72 hours before the course starts & present a daily antigen test each morning of the course.

New Enquiry Contact

Maria McGrath
Phone: 8052520099

For over 28 years the McGuire Programme has been helping thousands of people to overcome their stuttering. We’re a community of people who stutter – just like you – who now combine both the physical and the psychological techniques with LIFETIME support to learn to speak eloquently.

  • The McGuire Programme gives you so much control over your speech, and you can start to truly ENJOY speaking to anyone and everyone . . . sounds crazy, but it’s true.
  • More than that, it gives you a real FAMILY of other people who stutter who support and help each other to continue to overcome their stuttering too.
  • Everyone in the McGuire Programme is a person who stutters, so we know what you go through every single day.
We've been there done that and conquered it

We can’t guarantee success, but in 2018, more than 90% of people who took advantage of our included lifetime support for at least 6 months realised massive improvements in their speech – even 12-18 months after their first course. Best of all, we’re passionate about helping YOU as well!


Listed below is just some of the awesomeness and lifetime support you’ll get when you join the McGuire Programme:

  • Unlimited post-course personal coaching for 18 months
  • In-person support groups
  • Online support groups via zoom and or Skype
  • Access to hundreds of coaches worldwide for life!
  • Attend additional future courses for just a small admin fee per 3-day course
  • Worldwide support from thousands of other McGuire Programme members
  • And much more, much more . . .



Course Instructor

Brendan Comport

Course Organiser

Maria McGrath


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