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First Face To Face Course Of 2022 – Hello Sydney

We had an amazing turnout – with around 40 people attending in total – some travelling from as far as Denmark, Singapore and New Zealand to be here. We gained 8 more members to the programme, all of whom went through their first intensive course and gained valuable and life-changing skills – to help them towards taking control of their stutter and becoming amazing speakers.

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Amazing Stutter School Documentary – Premiered 5 January 2021!

In Australia, ‘Stutter School’, the long-awaited hour-long Amazing Stutter School Documentary – Premiered 5 January 2021!, followed four new students from all ages and walks of life, as they begin their McGuire Programme journey to overcome stuttering. The documentary premiered on the 5th January 2021

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Rich Whincup is now part of the coaching set-up at Worcester Valkyries ©Rich Whincup

New challenges and overcoming hurdles.

After two and a half years with Gloucester-Hartpury, Rich Whincup was recently announced as the Worcester Valkyries’ kicking coach. Joe Harvey spoke to the 38-year-old about his coaching philosophy and the personal obstacles he has dealt with. “I’ve been on the McGuire Programme since I was 19,” began Rich Whincup.