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Month: December 2020


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school for stammerers - mcguire programme

School For Stammerers

Tuesday, January 09th at 9 pm on ITV Taster clip ‘School For Stammerers’: https://we.tl/vfckUJEoOU

These face to face contacts are part and parcel of what you do on the McGuire Programme, we go out of our way to connect with people and engage in conversation. Talking to strangers with a stutter/stammer

The “Beautiful Interruption” of talking to people you don’t know – talking to strangers

When starting a conversation with a stranger, there is a very high probability that they will be receptive to you. We are by nature, social creatures, and as such, we generally welcome interactions with others. But for people who stutter this can be a fearful scenario and we wouldn’t dare interact for fear of rejection or simply not being understood. But now with the control taught by the programme, it’s made easier and starts to become fun.