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UK Online via Zoom
Online Course
13 Jul
ENDS: 16 Jul
Cork, Ireland
3-Day Residential Intensive Course
13 Jul
ENDS: 16 Jul
Düsseldorf, Germany (Central Europe)
3-Day Residential Intensive Course
Course in English language
28 Jul
ENDS: 30 Jul
Central Europe Online Course
Online Course
11 Aug
ENDS: 14 Aug
Watford, UK
3-Day Residential Intensive Course
17 Aug
ENDS: 20 Aug
India Region Online Course
Online Course
25 Aug
ENDS: 28 Aug

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Members share personal life changing experiences overcoming and going beyond stuttering with the help of The McGuire Programme.

My Stutter, Feeling Freedom at University and Coping with COVID-19

Padraig McDermott

"Before joining the McGuire Programme, I never would’ve had this feeling of excitement that I now have in relation to starting a new job. It just goes to show that when I put my mind to something, by putting in the required time and effort and utilising the amazing support that the McGuire Programme offers its members including myself."

Adwaa Khalil

"I used my two most powerful weapons, my brain and my voice."

Dr. Rajesh Swarankar

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. This quality is the key to success."

NHS Frontline Worker Conquers Her Speech Challenges

Jessica Whitworth

"I work in the Emergency Department, never in a million years did I think I could be a nurse, never mind a nurse in ED (may I add, starting my career in the midst of a pandemic!!) Communication is key in nursing and without the programme, I think I would have given up."

Luke found a way to pursue his dream job that he never thought possible with his profound stutter

Luke Birtwistle

"Doors are no longer closed to me, and that is thanks to the McGuire Programme. The Programme has allowed me to take control of my life, and live a life that I want to live and not just a life that I feel I am able to live."


Joze Piranian

"What a logic-defying and deeply transformational journey this has been. I look forward to what’s next. After all, the best way out of fear is always through it""

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