You can overcome stuttering with our help.

Join our community of people who stutter helping people who stutter.

We teach you how to overcome stuttering and learn critical communication skills needed to thrive in the real world.

Both online and in-person options are available. Learn more about our services for teens, & adults.


The McGuire Programme is made up of people who stutter helping and supporting people who stutter. We are working on our speech to become effective communicators and we are here to help you overcome your speaking fears and avoidance behaviours, and learn physical, psychological (mental) and emotional strategies to decrease stuttering tension.

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The McGuire Programme is a membership based program with thousands of members worldwide coming together to work on their speech and helping new members go beyond stuttering which is life-changing.

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Read our members inspirational testimonials where they share their personal stories of going beyond stuttering that has led to job opportunities, confidence building, a better social life, and a reduction of tension and stress.

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Accountability of the program proved essential to my journey.
What a logic-defying and deeply transformational journey this has been. I look forward to what’s next. After all, the best way out of fear is always through it.
While I did not feel like putting myself into these highly uncomfortable situations on a regular basis, the accountability of the McGuire Programme proved essential to my journey.
Joze Piranian
McGuire Member USA/Canada
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This program transformed my life & the lives of many others who stutter.
I believe that the McGuire Programme is a ‘super support network’ of people who stutter helping people who stutter.
We’ve all been there including myself, which is why the McGuire Programme is so different.
Paul Paluch
McGuire Member UK
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For the first time in my life I was in control.
The McGuire Programme has shown me if I keep pushing myself outside my comfort zone the world is my oyster!
After my first McGuire Programme course, I came home with newfound confidence. I challenged myself and went all-in, I was then offered a promotion to ‘Team Leader’ and then to a ‘Supervisor’ position.
Mark Catterall
McGuire Member UK

In-Person Course

3 to 4-Day intensive course to overcome stuttering held in various locations around the world. Effective for adults and teenagers aged 14+

Online Course

The interactive online training is very suitable for those who are unable to attend our in-person courses. This is a live online training course where you learn to speak confidently and become a better communicator.

Hybrid Online Course

3-day intensive training online plus meeting a coach for face-to-face training sessions for 4 hours spread over 2 days.

Hybrid+ Course

2 full days online plus 1 to 2 full days in-person training for face to face training.

One to One personal course

Do you prefer to be coached individually or want a course to suit your schedule?
During the 3-day training, we work on all the McGuire techniques and on your personal goals.

Join a One to One course

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Jack Widger

 It was an unforgettable experience and I look back on it as one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Our members share their personal journey beyond stuttering.

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From feeling dejected by my stutter to speaking on behalf of my medical class.

NHS Frontline Worker Conquers Her Speech Challenges

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